Extend the Story

beyond the screen

Crafting an Immersive Experiences That resonates with Audiences on a Deeper Level

To rise above the cacophony of Media Experiences, Syfy sought to transcended traditional promotion by prioritizing organic digital engagement and experiential immersion.

Digital Integration

With a background in marketing and digital, I revolutionized Syfy events and activations integrating innovative technology, apps and social media experiences that incentivized consumer engagement and created trackable ROIs for their immersive experiences


Leveraging my experience in the start-up sector, I provided the background and capabilities necessary to help the clunky, corporate entity pivot and develop new experiential initiatives when viral trends struck.

Brand Story

With years of marketing experience, I was able to help ensure that all physical and digital activations articulated the unique brand story Syfy was seeking to tell.

Where Physical and Digital Collide

With its expanding interactive dimension, SXSW provided the ideal stage for its debut of Defiance, a revolutionary transmedia experience touting the intersection of television and gaming

Syfy Defiance SXSW
Syfy Defiance Immersive Experiential Campaign SXSW
Syfy Defiance SXSW

To captivate the SXSW audience, I assisted Syfy in the conception and launch of the Defiance Container Village experience—a convergence of real-life and virtual worlds. Modeled after the show’s iconic “Container Village.”

The approach transcended traditional promotion, prioritizing organic digital engagement and experiential immersion.

The immersive space featured shipping container homes, where guests could plug in their tech and recharge while eating Korean BBQ and previewing the game. They could also visit the “Need/Want Social Bar,” tweeting their needs and wants for a chance to have their needs or wants fulfilled, amplifying organic engagement.

The results spoke volumes: Over 3,500 visitors flocked to the activation, with 700 revelers having their Needs and Wants satisfied.

Syfy’s Defiance Container Village epitomized the essence of brand activation, seamlessly melding physical and digital realms to craft an unforgettable experience.

Rapid Development

Responding to the viral frenzy of the original viral hit, Sharknado, Syfy swiftly reimagined their San Diego Comic Con campaign.

Sharknado Syfy San Diego Comic Con Experiential Digital App Development
Sharknado Syfy San Diego Comic Con Experiential Development
Syfy San Diego Comic Con Sharknado Experiential Activation Development

In a mere two weeks, the Hard Rock Café underwent a dramatic transformation from it original brand centric concept to a shark extravaganza, captivating over 50,000 consumers. The immersive experience boasted an Instagram Shark booth, inviting fans to plunge into the frenzy digitally.

A downloadable app allowed attendees to Sharknado their photos, leaning, once more, into consumers to create content that would amplify the Sharknado phenomenon.  

Syfy’s bold pivot not only embraced the zeitgeist, but demonstrated the company’s prowess in crafting unforgettable experiences that transcend the screen, engaged audiences, and left lasting impression on fans and industry alike.

Empowering consumers with engaging digital experience and exciting content #Syfy was used nearly half a billion times in 2013. By integrating digital into all on the ground activations, for the first time the brand could truly measure engagement and awareness of on the ground activations.