Bringing your next event into the spotlight



Story Development

Sometimes called Dramaturgy, developing a narrative and understanding how all of the components of a performance fit together to make an experience is one of the foundational skills I developed as a former Editor for books and magazines and have translated into event production.


Having worked for laudable institutions such as Juilliard and high end performance venues, I come with an Extensive Rolodex of performers in a myriad of areas. Drawing Talent together to create unique experiences is an essential component to my work.


From Ingress to audience Traffic Flow, Discovery is central to every experience I develop. Ensuring that a room is full enough to feel populated, but not overcrowded, designing rooms to enable experience discovery that feel utterly unique to each audience member while still providing open space where people may socialize are all a part of my strategic Event Designs.


From crypts to spas in a former church, Scouting thoroughly Unique Locations that are Affordable and service the narrative of an event is at the heart of every performance experience I have developed. This is one of the keys that have kept audiences talking and returning to my events again and again.


Digital Marketing

Developing marketing funnels that move consumers from brand awareness to paying customers is the basis of my work. This work includes Research & Development, Strategy & Design, Automation, Analysis, Growth and Retention.

Brand Development

As a storyteller with a background in programming, I bring to the table an extensive background in Brand Strategy Development, Look &  Feel, Voice &  Tone, UX Development, Design Management  and Technical Implementation Management for web & mobile.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Bringing a story to life entails having the right content for the right platform at the perfect time in a way that your audience wants to receive it. To do this I focus on Social Media Platform Strategy, Content Development, Communication Strategy, Community Management, Segmentation and  Email Strategy.


Analytics is the backbone of all digital marketing and as such I’ve become an expert in every aspect of analytics including Analytics Tag Development, Analytics Integration Management for both mobile and desktop, Optimization, Reporting  and Data Insights Mining.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Managing all aspects of a CRM is one of my core business offerings. These services include sales focused CRM DevelopmentTechnical Implementation Management, Data Integrity Management and Reporting.  Systems experiences include Salesforce, Hubspot and Tessitura.

Ticket Sales

With half a decade spent in venue and performance marketing, I’ve developed an expertise in all aspects of ticket sales including Platform Analysis, Set Up & Integration, Inventory Management and Sales Optimization, creating a hassle free ticketing experience.

Paid Media & Partnerships

Discovering new audiences and turning them into consumers at a reasonable cost is essential to any good business. To ensure strong sales at a low costs I specialize in  Media Planning, Profit & Loss Analysis, Budget BuildingAd Buying, Advertising Targeting, Facebook Business Manager Development & Management, Ad Asset Development, SEM Development & Maintenance.