Creating Events That Capture the spotlight

With a love for classical and contemporary performing arts, Becki leverages  her unique background in brand marketing, immersive entertainment and nightlife culture to develop extraordinary experiences.

From prestigious halls of Sotheby’s and to the bustling streets of San Diego Comic Con, the depth and breadth of these events are meticulously crafted for audiences to lose themselves in new worlds, inspire imaginations and capture hearts.



Business Operations

Pro Forma Creation, Profit & Loss Analysis, Budget Building, Business OperationsPartnershipsSponsorships and Rentals.

Creative & Production Development

Market ResearchDramaturgyTrend Analysis, Experience Design and  Audience Development


Having worked for laudable institutions such as Juilliard and high end performance venues such as the McKittrick Hotel and House of Yes, I come with an Extensive Rolodex of performers in a myriad of areas. Drawing Talent together from diverse backgrounds creates unique experiences that are an essential component of my work.


From crypts to spas in a former church, Scouting thoroughly Unique Locations that are Affordable and serve the narrative of an event or the thematic preference of the client.