Building Midtown's First

Immersive Night Spot

Where Brand, Programming and Partnerships Live as One

The Story

In the shimmering heart of New York City, amidst the whispers of wealth and opulence, Highgate Hotel, the second-largest hotel management company and the largest operator of hotels in New York City, unveiled its latest venture, an immersive theater venue housing London’s longest-running immersive show, The Great Gatsby.

The assignment, elevate the Gatsby experience and generate revenues exceeding $2 million through avenues beyond the immersive show.

Building an Immersive Venue at the Highgate Hotel

Behind the Scenes

Brand Marketing

In order to differentiate the show, the venue and the late night experience, and define the value propositions of each, the team & I developed brand guidelines that set forth unique identities for each property while also articulating their brand relationship.


Drawing from a host of late night entertainers, Gatsby Mansion sought to stand as the Golden Gai of New York Entertainment, offering the most diverse cross section of New York Performers Under One Roof.


Creating pitch material that delved into the unique opportunities awaiting brands looking to cultivate deeper relationships with audiences, I leveraged my extensive network to build Paid and In-Kind Media Partnerships with noteworthy brands.

The Experience

In a bid to etch its name in the annals of exclusivity, Gatsby Mansion was envisioned as a panorama of delights.

Picture this: As the curtains falls on the mesmerizing immersive theatrical spectacle, an extravagant soirée commences. The twelve room venue would come alive with a symphony of performers.

A French Gypsy Jazz band serenades visitors in the Library, as an Artists Salon, teaming with the most diverse talent from across New York Nightlife, unfolds in the Ballroom. Nestled throughout the labyrinth of rooms and winding hallways, visitors could stumble upon magicians, tarot readers, poets, and more, weaving together a night of enchantment worthy of the name Gatsby Mansion.

As the midnight hour loomed, the Grand Ballroom would transform into a pulsating dance club, where a new fusion of swing jazz and electronic house music, courtesy of a DJ accompanied by live musicians, rang out until the wee hours of the morning.

Gatsby Mansion Performer Jazz on the Lawn
Gatsby Mansion
Gatsby Mansion Immersive Performance Gypsy Jazz

What is Extravagance without Endorsement?

At Gatsby Mansion, brands of impeccable taste, such as Diageo and Wondercade, would lend their prestige, align seamlessly with the Gatsby brand and financially enrich the venue.


Under the starry gaze of the city that never sleeps, Gatsby Mansion stood as a beacon of sophistication, beckoning the elite to indulge in a spectacle unparalleled, where the spirit of Gatsby himself whispered in every glint of champagne and every note of jazz.