Creating a

New Club

Brand Development & Business Expansion

New Brand & New Business

House of Yes, a Brooklyn based arts collective, received the opportunity of a lifetime: Open a new venue with Studio 54 impresario, Ian Schrager at The Public hotel. But in order to expand, they needed to merge two brands AND develop new business models.

House of X
House of X new York Times


A wildly popular Brooklyn location with word-of-mouth brand recognition

An incredible opportunity to align with a legendary club and hotel entrepreneur

A new underground space that was prime for the artistic, creative vibe


Brand Identity

Launch & Expansion Plan

Technology, Staff & Assets

Turning a Club into a Business

A Brooklyn staple since 2009, House of Yes had a word-of-mouth reputation as a creative arts collective that permeated Brooklyn and echoed through nightlife circles around the world. 

To expand, they needed an infrastructure and operation plan that would allow them to scale while leaving room for innovation. Building their first ever Customer Relationship Management system and integrating their Point of Sales system, allowed the club to really understand consumer behavior. 

The new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allowed for the first complete audience profile of House of Yes consumers, allowing them to discover that 2.5% of HoY attendees spend up to $1000 in an evening.

These new data points enabled House of X to develop pricing models for House of X based on real data, refine message cadence for higher acquisition yield with less messaging and create top tier packages for high spending consumers that they were able and excited to purchase.

Major Buzz = A Sold Out Club

Sold Nearly 10k Event Tickets in Three Months

Meeting the sleek, sophisticated style of The Public while maintaining their circus theme and merging the brands to create a stealth opening that promised sexy theatrics, House of X buzz was so strong, tickets for the first events sold out within hours of launch.

The launch generated major article hits in the New York Times, New York Magazine and more.

Building in project management efficiencies and new marketing technology, HoY marketing was able to scale with less than 25% addition to its staffing overhead and added almost 15% gross revenues to its bottom line in just three months.  

Generated nearly $250,000 of Revenue in Two Months

With technology and attention to brand identity we were able to seamlessly bring together two business and successfully position House of Yes for business growth.